Why Mulberry Silk?!

About Mulberry Silk

If you want the most luxurious as well as strongest and most durable, and finest silk bedding, look for silk sheets made with 100 percent Top Grade mulberry silk and for silk comforters made with 100 percent Top Grade mulberry silk floss equally important.   6A Grade Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can purchase.

Why Mulberry silk so expensive and why is it superior to other types of silk? As a matter of fact, mulberry silk thread is the strongest natural fiber in the world. As well as making it incredibly durable. For instance, a mulberry silk fiber is stronger than a fiber of steel of the same diameter. 

Therefore real Top Quality Mulberry silk is Machine-washable, it does not lose its silky texture and it does not shrink. Also, Mulberry silk is the oldest and only fabric that has been discovered by archaeologists, dating back 4,500 years.

A few other features of mulberry silk include it being 100 percent hypo-allergenic as well as being odorless and not needing any “airing out” before use as some of the lower quality wild silks.

How to tell the difference between Mulberry Silk and Satin Polyester through bleach and burn TEST? See Test  Here

Mulberry Silk is made from the finest quality natural Silk fibers and does not contain any form of cotton or polyester. Mulberry silk does not require any dry cleaning. We use thread count to measure the quality of cotton bedding, the higher the better. However, when it comes to silk, thread count becomes irrelevant. We use Momme weight instead.

Available Momme weights:

Mulberry Silk

19momme, 22momme, 25momme, 30momme


Elite Silk: International Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

International Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100. We import our silk, which made only from 100% pure mulberry silk from silkworm cocoons in Chinese villages. You can check our Certification HERE using our certification number (SHHO 089563)

Elite Silk: Quality Silk Pillowcases helps to prevent premature aging

Silk Supports Anti-Aging

Sleeping on Natural Mulberry Silk is advised by:

Hair Experts, Skin Care Professionals, Cosmetic Operators, and Skin Specialists.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase, with silk bedwear or even on silk bedding can make an amazing difference to the appearance of your skin and hair. Wrinkles appear smoother and there are no creases or marks from the silk pillowcase.

Silk Pillowcase made from Pure Mulberry Silk is nourishing your skin and hair with its protein fiber, it helps to keep your skin hydrated.  Moisturizing face cream gets absorbed by your skin during your sleep and there for your skin get rested and well-nourished through your sleeping times.

Silk pillowcases allow your skin to glide and it doesn’t give you the mark on your face when you wake up.

Mulberry silk texture softens wrinkles and fine lines because it causes less friction between your skin and the pillowcase.  That’s why it is believed that silk pillowcases have an anti-wrinkle effect. See here.


Only Mulberry silk pillowcases won’t bind or catch hair the way man-made fabrics can. Hair glides on silk rather than rubs. This benefit is enhanced when the silk is pure long strand mulberry silk. Silk is valuable if it cultivated rather than wild. These fibers will keep you from waking up with messy hair.


Breathable and comfortable. The natural properties of silk wick away the moisture from the body to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from night sweats or hot flushes.

Silk is great in the winters.  Especially if you want to feel supremely warm, without being weighed down by heavy blankets. Silk bedding feels so light that it is almost impossible to believe they can effectively keep out the cold.


Silk naturally has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-dust-mite properties. There are several things that may affect allergy sufferers with regards to their bedding: dust mites, mold, fungus, deterioration, and chemicals. Silk has natural defenses against all of these.


The recent scientific studies confirmed that the silk produced by Mulberry silkworm Bombyx has 98% of two types of protein containing 18 amino acids in.


Caring for your silk pillowcases, bedding and bedwear are easy! Silk is surprisingly easy to care for and will retain its beauty for years–in fact, that’s why silk is so often used in legacy and heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. The highest quality of the natural silk is Machine washable/ safe tumble dry.  It is a truly timeless textile, lending itself perfectly to a variety of uses–from casual, everyday clothing to cozy bedding, warm accessories, and even formal attire for those extra special occasions.

Elite Silk is NZ Brand and designs own products. Our products are made on order by Highly Skilled Tailor in Auckland, New Zealand or by Highly Skilled Tailor in XUZHOU.
“Elite Silk” makes each product individually and we do not store our silk pillowcases, bedding or bamboo bedding in warehouses.


We are offering to the market:

The highest quality of the natural silk is Machine washable/ safe tumble dry 

Real High-Quality Silk which is not slippery

High-quality silk does not have wash lifecycle terms, low quality silk does.

It does not lose its silk texture after wash, it gets softer

Our Fabric made from Highest long stranded 6A Grade fiber

Different Types (thickness of silk) available from 19 Momme to 30 Momme


100% Organic

100% Natural Organic Plain dye used only

Hypoallergenic 100%

Protein fiber without any blend of artificial fabrics

100% dissolves in bleach test without a cloud and trace – Guaranteed!

No zips (zips break down after few washes)

Our pillowcases inside pocket designed 23 cm deep to support pillow. (Elite Silk Pillowcase will hold your pillow secure through the whole night).

All Elite Silk pillowcases both sides are 100% Mulberry Silk and handcrafted

ELITE SILK organic product is perfect for everyone!