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SKINCARE (Headband NZ, Makeup Removal Towels)

Makeup Removal Towel – removes all makeup with warm water only

Makeup Removal Towels – Pink, Rose Red, Baby Blue & Balck

Makeup Removal Towels have been created with modern technologies. It allowed us to take our makeup off without any makeup wipes, face cleansers, face lotions or any other chemicals. It works magically using just warm water.

If you are dealing with everyday makeup, then you absolutely MUST have a Makeup Removal Towel in your cosmetic gear.

If you are traveling with  “Elite Silk” Makeup Removal Towel, you only need warm water where ever you are!

Makeup Removal Towel, you only need warm water where ever you are!

Benefits Of Using Face Makeup Removal Towel

  • It is Natural, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic – Magic for your skincare
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Save your time and money! You only need warm water
  • Removes All Makeup without creating a mess.
  • It is perfect to remove: Casual makeup, professional makeup, stage makeup, waterproofed mascara, and long last lipstick.
  • Cost-Effective Savings for at least Four Years!!!!


Our hairband made from 100% microfiber. It very gentle on your skin and hair. Makes it easy and fun to have any skincare routines