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Why Are Silk Pillowcase A Must For Your Haircare?

Why Are Silk Pillowcase A Must For Your Haircare?

Do you know that an average person spends approximately 26 years of its live sleeping?! And, as if that wasn't stunning enough, we spend an additional seven years attempting to sleep. This translates to a third of our lives (12,045 days or 227,760 hours) spent in bed.

These numbers underscore the need of investing in the correct bedding to improve our health as much as possible, as the quality of our sleep influences our mood, energy, and overall well-being.

The health and well-being of our skin and hair are two areas of our lives that are heavily influenced by the bedding we use! Did you realise that your face has more touch with your pillowcase than any other fabric throughout the day?

This emphasises the significance of using high-quality bedding that will not harm your skin.

Mulberry silk pillowcases over goose down pillows are a must-have for good hair and skin, as well as many other advantages to our general health.

 What distinguishes it as a silk pillowcase?

Silk pillowcases are composed of silk, a natural protein fibre derived from silkworms that are both soft and breathable, allowing air to travel through. Unfortunately, silk is more expensive than cotton and other textiles, so silk pillowcases are also more expensive.


You are tired of having hair that resembles a bird's nest when you wake up in the morning? Is a silk pillowcase beneficial to hair? If you sleep on silk pillowcases, you'll be able to keep your bedhead under control. Bedhead and split ends are no longer an issue. Silk's natural smoothening capabilities, attributed to its smooth surface, can reduce hair follicle friction, leading to damage such as split ends. Sleeping on an elegant silk pillowcase is well worth it for the sake of your hair.


Bye-bye, Frizz and Bedhead

Natural features of silk, such as its smooth surface, aid in reducing friction on your hair as you sleep. Split ends, knotting, and hair damage is common side effects of conflict. Silk's silky texture helps hair glide over it while you sleep, minimising frizz, knots, and bedhead. Hair gurus and stylists have traditionally used silk pillowcases to hold up hairdos like perms, blowouts, and braids for longer without adding frizz or stress, while other textiles like cotton snag your hair.


Silk is also a more hygienic sleeping surface. Cotton is highly absorbent, which means it accumulates dirt and oils while you sleep, exposing you to them.


Cotton will also rob your hair of natural oils, causing it to become dehydrated as you sleep. Sleeping on silk allows your hair to retain more moisture, preserving the natural oils and preventing the accumulation of residue from previous nights.

Hello, Beautiful Hair!

Silk pillowcases can help you have a healthier head of hair, mainly if you use them every night. Silk hydrates your hair, making it stronger and less brittle. Silk seals in hydration and encourages natural movement, whereas cotton absorbs moisture and oils from your hair. Silk will be the gift you wish you'd given yourself if you suffer from dry strands or scalp discomfort.


Silk's silky, smooth texture helps to reduce frizz, knots, and breakage, resulting in lustrous, soft hair. Switching to silk is a must-do if you splurge on suitable hair treatments, deep conditioners, or regular trims. In addition, silk pillowcases will support your hair as you sleep, adding to your dedication to hair care. While sleeping on silk does not cause your hair to grow, the tremendous benefits it provides to your strands may cause your hair to grow healthier and longer.


While you may forget the specifics of how silk works the next time someone mentions their hair care routine, the list of benefits is simple: less frizz, less breakage, and fewer tangles, as well as increased moisture, natural oils, and smoothness, equal healthier hair overall. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself; you'll be caring for your hair for the rest of your life, so make it look good

How to Pick the Perfect Silk Pillowcase for Your Hair

The popularity of silk pillowcases is booming, and manufacturers are taking notice. As a result, several low-quality silk pillowcases for hair are on the market.

Look for a silk pillowcase made of 100 per cent mulberry silk with a 19 momme to 20 momme (the unit of weight for a silk weave). A luxurious silk pillowcase might cost up to $130. Satin pillowcases, which are less expensive than silk pillowcases, and does not provide  the same hair care and skincare benefits as Mulberry silk pillowcases.

Guest's blog article by Jacqueline Johnson