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How To Choose A Silk Pillowcase? What is important?


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Are you Getting Bang for Your Buck?


Today I would like to discuss with you a How to Buy Silk Pillowcase and Silk itself. Did you ever try to buy a mulberry silk pillowcase in local retailers?!

Those ones who did try to buy a silk pillowcase would know how limited information available. You need to understand what exactly you are paying for.

So, I went to five different Auckland retailers who classified themselves as luxury bedding store.


Some of them try to convince me the polyester satin pillowcase is mulberry silk, the other one had no clue what I was talking about.

In the end, I have found my 19 MM mulberry silk pillowcase for $120. I thought right it’s quite pricey. I would not buy 9 of them for the family of 3. But I need to buy at least one to try for myself.  At this point, as you know from my previous blog, I would pay any money just to get the relief on my skin and hair. I was so desperate.

When I went to look for my Mulberry silk pillowcase I did my homework about silk type and silk grades and what exactly it should do to my skin and hair.  Therefore I was very well informed about what silk pillowcase I want.

There are different grades of Mulberry silk starts from 3A/4A, 5A/6A the most commonly known on the current market.  5A is very good for bedding sheets and so does 6A but its slightly different. 3A/4A is commonly used for filling duvets, pillows, or mattresses. 5A/6A is getting expensive for filling purposes. But few certified factories (see here) still doing it and they do have their market for it. When I was considering the stock for Elite Silk, I was a determent to get the best grade possible and understand as much as I can to make the right decision.

Elite Silk STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®


We have an idea what grades are,  let’s talk about momme.   Silk gets measured for its quality by type on top of the grade. For example, 6 to 8 momme is commonly used for lingerie, 8 to 19 momme is good for bedding, pillowcases, clothing, bedwear, etc.

Silk Pillowcase from 22 MM and up is quite thicker silk so that is commonly get used for Luxury silk pillowcases, bedding & bedwear, winter pajamas, and robes.

But the main key to all these types and grade it is important that silk would be produced by mulberry worms. Then it is counting the best fiber for your skin and hair.

Silk itself was lovely and it did a really good job to my skin and hair, but zip which was inside got broken down after four months, which was very disappointing and when I took the silk pillowcase back to retailer they said they cannot exchange as it was used already which is fair enough, I guess 🙂

So, after that I have ordered another silk pillowcase without a zip from some American website, I thought I have done really well this time. But keep reading. Pocket inside which supposed to support pillow was so short that, my pillow kept falling out of the silk pillowcase every night.

So, I was not going to give up. I have found other American websites as I thought and bought another silk pillowcase this time for a very good price of $30US only!!!

But this pure mulberry silk pillowcase happens to be only one side silk and the other side was cotton. Which defied the whole purpose of it.  I have learned cheap is not necessarily the right one.

As you can see I had so much fun in finding my perfect silk pillowcase again and again.

Are You Getting Bang for Your Buck When It Comes to Your Silk Pillowcase?

 Thank you for reading, I love you all!

Elena S,

CEO and Founder of the “Elite Silk”

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